We built the world’s first interactive spray paint wall in 2008 and YrWall is still the best digital graffiti wall available. Using a digital spray-can or touchscreen technology, guests can use the wall as a canvas to create art, customise photos, sign into events, leave feedback and much more. Inspire and excite guests with the large interactive screens, use custom templates and enable social sharing and live event printing to amplify your event...


YrWall is the graffiti experience with a digital twist. Ultra- realistic spray cans enable you to design your own masterpiece without the mess. The 3 x 2 meter canvas and wide colour-palette means plenty of space to interact and create, again and again. 



Our brand new YrWall version means you can create digital graffiti anywhere - touch screens come in any size from our incredible 27" right up to the enormous 103". Users can create, print and share their design on the touch screen digital graffiti wall. 



Interface Customisation - Full customisation of the YrWall's menu and background is available, as well as the addition of custom colours and logos. This provides the option to align the product with an identity or theme, facilitating brand interaction and engagement.

Templates - Give users a specific outline to fill in on the digital canvas. This could be anything from a pair of sunglasses to a cartoon animal. This is perfect for experiential campaigns as it reinforces brand association and ties in with other aspects of the campaign. It is also possible to create multi-form and more complex outlines. For example, a car which gives users the ability to design multiple body panels.

Photo Booth mode - For an extra special experience, try YrWall or YrSurface with our Live Photo Feature and let guests get funky with a digital makeover. All photos can be printed live on a wide range of products. If you would like to include this feature, please notify one of our staff when making your booking.

Feedback Wall - YrWall is an excellent tool for collecting feedback from your guests or delegates at an event. Send us the questions you want answered beforehand and we will upload them into the software for users to reply to. Have as many questions as you want and we can even incorporate a visual rating tool. All the information is saved in jpeg format and given to you for post-event analysis..

Stickers and Stencils - Choose from the variety of preloaded stencils / stickers or add your own. For example, we can create custom logos, taglines or event tie-ins, such as a product, character or stamp.

The Wall made a huge impact and initiated a lot of attention and excitement around our stand.
— Becci Hall, New Era Caps


YrWall is available for rental and installation. We supply two members of staff to each event who will deliver and set up the activation, then continue to manage it for the entirety of the event. They are also available to provide tips and demonstrations to ensure guests can easily get to grips with the product and fully enjoy the experience. 


We are very good at collecting data and encouraging sharing. All our products are enabled for email capture and live sharing on all social media channels. We amplify your event, provide a comprehensive data analysis report post-event and we create an online legacy for long after the party is over. 

• Data capture integrated into user interface
• Instantly share content created at touch of a button
• Have content emailed to share on own device
• Share across 20 social channels
• Track over 70 metrics
• Run online competitions and galleries
• Receive a full data report after your event
• Access to your very own dashboard

live printing 

Once completed, why not have your designs turned into unique personal souvenirs? Options include; t-shirts, mugs, stickers and posters, all of which are printed live on site. 

• T-shirts
• Tote bags
• Phone / Tablet cases
• Water bottles
• Mugs
• Coasters
• Flip flops
• Key rings
• Posters
• Socks


YrWall and YrWall Touch can be branded to fit in with the theme of your event / activation. This includes the user interface on the software to the branding of the studio units. Please ask for the full options. 




PROFESSIONAL ARTIST - We can arrange for a professional graffiti artist, with a strong reputation, to demonstrate YrWall to its full effect and offer advice and tips to budding YrWall artists. Caricaturists and abstract illustrators who specialise in turning conversation into visual concepts are also available on request.